5 Ways You Can Be Living The Dream

Are you living the dream?

Living the dream is a mindset, just like many other things in life.

“We can choose to live a life of repeated boredom


we can choose to live this life, in it, being here.

Enjoying life as it is, remembering there’s only one lifetime, why not have fun?” -Jo Rothchild

Living the dream

Are you looking at the future, the dream and mixing it with something in the present, the living and the now?

It’s a very positive way to live.

Living an ideal life is not always simple, yet very doable.

It’s a really satisfying feeling when you can figure out what it is, you truly love to do and what your passions are.

Knowing what you want, taking action to get where you need to go, having a plan laid out.

“Do What You Love.

Love What You Do”

2. Track Your Achievements

When we track what we achieve we are allowing ourselves to focus on our next moves.

We’re offered knowledge on how we are doing and where we need to focus our super energy.

Tracking our achievements also keeps us positive and allows room for hope.

There are many ways we can track our achievements, simply writing it down works wonders.

3. Be Accepting To Failure

Failure offers a high level of self-doubt, lack of confidence and honestly, not the best for anyone.

When you have a lack of confidence, you spend a huge amount of time thinking, worrying and stressed out.

When you accept failure, you allow yourself a chance to try new things, experience a different side, understand yourself better and make changes accordingly.


Accepting failure is not failing.

It’s a win. A win you should be proud of.

4. Focus On What You Can Control

We cannot control the weather forecast, although I wish some days I could!

Give me sunshine any day, I’m a happy camper!

We need to figure out the things we can control.

Understanding our fears will help us too.

It doesn’t do us any good to fear, without really looking at the “why I fear something” and determining how to move forward.

Planning is another way. When we create a plan, we are focused, giving our all. Therefore, focusing on what we can control.

Our mindset is our friend.

It can work in our favor.

We control it.

By staying positive, we create positivity around us. Another way to live the dream.

5. Believe In Yourself

When you have faith in your abilities, you have faith in you.

Understand first, that we are not good at everything.

If someone asked me to build a house, I would have to laugh.

Why? Truthfully, because I have not got the skills to build a house, it isn’t my profession!

Believing in you, is one of the best things anyone can do! This in turn comes back to self-confidence and the ability to take action.

When you believe in yourself, there are many benefits in your reach. You understand that you can fulfill your goals.

You are positively thinking about the now and the future, you know how far to go to achieve them and you can do anything!

When you take all five of these points and you put them to the test, you realize that you can and will achieve anything, therefore living the dream.

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